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One wine, one canvas: Journey of an artist with a discerning palate.

Caroline BRUN is more than an artist. She is an alchemist, a passionate visionary capable of reversing our senses of reinventing our vision of the world creativity in general, and in particular that of wine. Combining instinct and soul, the raw painting of Caroline BRUN, professional in wine communication by day, brings a certain depth to tasting and opens the way to a new multi-sensory dimension.

Her instinctive synesthete artistic techniques and style are as varied as wines can be, as shimmering and rich in color that refined, the artist with an informed palate is also a member of international tasting panels, and a certified sake sommelier, paints consciously and vinifies, transcribes the wines in conscience.

If she finds a flat wine, she doesn't paint it.

The texture of a wine is transformed into a game of cleverly arranged ganularities, the lightness of a bubble becomes an insert of gold verticality with precision and the liveliness in the mouth is transformed into an energetic gesture, while a wine chiselled turns into a knife stroke, an instrument that the artist likes in his pictorial technique.

She modestly signs her art with a simple metal clip that holds the corks of certain champagne bottles during their years of maturation in the cellar.

A staple that forms a C.

C for Caroline, C for Creativity.

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