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An artist serving wines

Caroline BRUN is the result of a blend of professional wine enthusiast and synaesthete artist. Educated in wine, member of the tasting jury, sake sommelier, she is a true alchemist who brings together her two worlds through her art, Visual tasting. It offers a real sensory distortion. In her particular art, she simultaneously overturns the codes of wine communication and the rules of contemporary art by creating an abstract art that is not.

Her works are her tasting sheets where she combines oenological knowledge, terroir, and emotion. and elevates the wines tasted to the rank of works of art.

Recycling wine materials, she uses as many natural materials as possible and finds a way to introduce and popularize wines through her art during her openings.

Wine and the canvas that represents it have the same DNA and this touches the hearts of wine and art professionals. who rewarded her in 2021 with the title of best international artist during the WINE ART MUSEUM competition in Portici, Italy.

His pictorial techniques are as diverse as wines can be and are full of precious materials. 

An artist to discover, paintings to savor without moderation.

Our satisfied customers

“Caroline, your Clos painting is fantastic and so accurate! »

Richard Julhin

cloudy bay_edited.jpg
Creation of a canvas for a Box
Cuvée GAIA - Gonet Sulcova Champagne Commission
 Cuvée BRUT SOUS BOIS. Table created for the San Diego 2023 masterclass
LA FORET - Domaine Alexandre BONNET
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